Ambitious Adult: Kathryn of @damesindebt

The Dames are a pair of sisters spanning the great United States of Indebtedness. I got a chance to pick the Kathryn's brain and she shared her story about debt, investing and her financial, personal and professional goals. Kathryn is the East Coast Dame of the duo. She went to a great in-state, public university, … Continue reading Ambitious Adult: Kathryn of @damesindebt


5 benefits of having a business mentor

A business mentor is someone who can help you: Avoid mistakes Overcome obstacles Guide you in the right direction Connect you with other influencers/business owners/clients Continue to learn I am blessed to have a business mentor! She's someone who I trust, she's run a business for over 10 years, and she is always open to … Continue reading 5 benefits of having a business mentor

Personal Finance for Absolute Beginners

It's never too early to learn about personal finance. This means learning about budgets, investing, credit cards, interest, and saving. While it might seem complicated to understand complex terms and theories, the fundamentals of personal finance are simple. Spend less than you earn. Personal finance is something most of us learn throughout various stages of … Continue reading Personal Finance for Absolute Beginners

Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

When I first began blogging in the Summer of 2016, I wrote about fixing up my house and being a homeowner. My blog was called Hammer Home and I wanted an outlet to organize my photos and share what I was learning. My blog continued to grow but I found it hard to stick to … Continue reading Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting