If you’re not investing, you’re missing out

Yes, investing is scary, intimidating and unknown to many of us but there are many options to minimize risk. Let me explain...Β 


Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

When I first began blogging in the Summer of 2016, I wrote about fixing up my house and being a homeowner. My blog was called Hammer Home and I wanted an outlet to organize my photos and share what I was learning. My blog continued to grow but I found it hard to stick to … Continue reading Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

We met in Vancouver- Featured Traveler John Nicoll

In 2012, I moved to Vancouver and lived there for 6 months. I took time off school and realized that I could make my own path and schedule. I didn't need to stick to a standard time-frame and this was a defining moment that encouraged me to continue to travel. I lived in a house … Continue reading We met in Vancouver- Featured Traveler John Nicoll