I’ve passed up 2 free trips… #WHY!?

This year, I passed up 2 FREE trips! Find out why.


We met in Vancouver- Featured Traveler John Nicoll

In 2012, I moved to Vancouver and lived there for 6 months. I took time off school and realized that I could make my own path and schedule. I didn't need to stick to a standard time-frame and this was a defining moment that encouraged me to continue to travel. I lived in a house … Continue reading We met in Vancouver- Featured Traveler John Nicoll

Thanks for reading

My blog began because I enjoyed answering questions about the house. Throughout the entire home purchase process, I kept thinking "why does nobody talk about this" and "why weren't we taught this in school" and "what the hell am I doing"? I wanted to help people learn from my mistakes. I wanted to make it … Continue reading Thanks for reading

Daily Inspirations

Every day, I am inspired by people who overcome obstacles. Listening to people's life stories motivates me and gives me so much pleasure. I have friends who've been through hell and back. Some of my friends overcame drug addictions, grew up in extreme poverty, lived through abuse and more! I admire each and every one … Continue reading Daily Inspirations