Ambitious Adult: Gord Manzer (Insurance/Financial Advisor)

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Home ownership and traveling

It's no secret that I LOVE to travel. I love meeting new people, seeing cool things, flying, seeing mountains and landscapes from above, and exploring. One of my biggest fears about buying the house was that I wouldn't have time or money to travel. I weighed the pros and cons, cried about the decision, and … Continue reading Home ownership and traveling

So what if my house increases in value #HousingMarket #HamOnt

From day 1 people told me that my house purchase would be worth it in the end. I overpaid by $40k so they reassured me that the 'investment would be worth it'. I understand the theory but while living in the house, I don't see much of the appreciation. If I do sell the house … Continue reading So what if my house increases in value #HousingMarket #HamOnt