Being screwed over screws

Did you know? The colour, shape, and size of each screw matters? In retrospect, this makes sense. In reality, I've been using screws interchangeably. At my first General Home Maintenance class, the instructor gave us a lesson about screws. There is so much to know! First, there are different screws for different material- duh! There … Continue reading Being screwed over screws


Adulting Task: ReUpholstering Chairs

A few weeks ago, my brother and I made it a mission to finally replace the bright pink fabric on a dining room gift set. I picked out some fabric a few months ago and it lived in my closet for a few weeks- untouched.Β At last, the day had come for me to put that … Continue reading Adulting Task: ReUpholstering Chairs

Adulting task: putting down mouse traps

The other day, I went on an adventure to the hardware store, every homeowner's second home. Among the new tools I acquired, I also picked up some Warfarin. It made me sick to my stomach to buy it and I really don't want to deal with picking up dead mice. However, I also don't want … Continue reading Adulting task: putting down mouse traps

Adulting task: Changing the air filter

Lately, my Air Conditioning unit hasn't been working. After some sweaty sleeps and uncomfortably hot days, I did some investigating and research to find the problem. With some patient guidance, I discovered that my furnace filter was disgusting and full of dust. I marched my way down to the hardware store, where I am quickly … Continue reading Adulting task: Changing the air filter

Who I used for my home purchase

There are so many people and parties involved with purchasing a home. Normally, I do extensive research but my house purchase was somewhat rushed! Pretty much, I put an offer in, my offer was accepted almost immediately, and then I took possession shortly after. I only went house hunting for a little over a month. … Continue reading Who I used for my home purchase