Ambitious Adult: Kathryn of @damesindebt

The Dames are a pair of sisters spanning the great United States of Indebtedness. I got a chance to pick the Kathryn's brain and she shared her story about debt, investing and her financial, personal and professional goals. Kathryn is the East Coast Dame of the duo. She went to a great in-state, public university, … Continue reading Ambitious Adult: Kathryn of @damesindebt


3 Steps to be Financially Well-Off

After I bought my house and started blogging in May 2016, many of my friends were coming to me for advice on how to invest and save. They saw that IΒ bought a house, backpacked around the world a few times, and graduated university debt-free.Β Truthfully, I am still learning every day. I also know that Financial … Continue reading 3 Steps to be Financially Well-Off