Ambitious Adult: Saverina Scozzari

What is your project?

The Saverina Scozzari Collective

What made you take the leap into your project?


I am passionate about all things entertainment and have been since I was 2 years-old. I decided that it was time to create a platform to connect with fellow entertainment news junkies, gym rats, coffee addicts and shopaholics.

Can you outline a basic timeline of how you got to where you are now?

I started a YouTube show back in 2011 called The Saverina Show where I interviewed dancers and choreographers (fun fact – I danced for 11 years). Then, I pitched the show idea to Cable 14 which led to hosting several other programs on their station including Teen Talk, Hammer Happenings, Hamilton Life Lites and What’s Happening Hamilton. At some point during that time I created which is now The Saverina Scozzari Collective, my entertainment blog.

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Meet my travel inspiration!

Gosia and I met in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. From the moment I met her, I knew she had a lot to teach me. She shared stories of traveling, hitchhiking alone, adventuring with strangers, and visiting incredible places. Gosia is someone who is ALWAYS exploring and I am in constant awe of her attitude towards life and how she is living it fully!

I learned that Gosia is from a small town in Poland and after her first taste for travel, she was hooked! She was working in Hamilton when we met, and that didn’t stop her from hitchhiking across Canada and seeing more of the country than most Canadians! She really just goes for it! And I think it’s incredible.

Gosia recently moved back to Poland and in early 2016, we were both in Mexico at the same time. We had plans to meet up but a broken cell phone and a plane to catch made it difficult to see each other. I know our paths will cross again though! For now, I am honoured to share her story. Continue reading “Meet my travel inspiration!”

I’ve passed up 2 free trips… #WHY!?

Earlier this year, a friend won a free trip to Mexico and couldn’t find anyone to go with her. We were back and forth making plans and they fell through. In January, I was in the middle of a big project at my day-job and I couldn’t take time off. Passing up this opportunity ate away at me! I couldn’t believe I was passing up a FREE trip! WTF!

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How I repaid my $12,000 Homebuyer’s Plan in less than a year

On May 25 2016, I bought my house. I used my savings in my TFSA and RRSP, and learned a plethora of new terms very quickly. One of these terms was a Homebuyer’s Plan.

Essentially, these are funds you can use from your RRSP to purchase your first home.

Here’s the catch… you have to pay the Homebuyer’s Plan back within 15 years. At first, I was scared… how was I going to do this? I had a pile of bills, maintenance, renovation costs and a down payment I was going to have to pay and really didn’t know what I was getting into. My financial advisor said he knew I’d be able to pay it back in time but I was not so sure. Continue reading “How I repaid my $12,000 Homebuyer’s Plan in less than a year”

Home ownership and traveling

It’s no secret that I LOVE to travel. I love meeting new people, seeing cool things, flying, seeing mountains and landscapes from above, and exploring. One of my biggest fears about buying the house was that I wouldn’t have time or money to travel. I weighed the pros and cons, cried about the decision, and talked to other travelers and friends for advice about this topic.


In May 2016 I bought my house and got to travel twice in December 2016. Both travel opportunities were kind of a fluke, but I took them!

When I traveled to Costa Rica in early December, all expenses were paid. I joined a high school group as their translator for about two weeks. Then, at the end of December, I flew to Cuba. I had a trip planned to San Francisco at the start of the year but that did not work out. As such, I had a travel voucher that I needed to use. My office closed over the Xmas holidays so it was the perfect chance to get away. When I travel, I budget and save money everywhere I can. I backpack, make my own food, carpool, couchsurf and avoid extra fees. I was so thrilled that I was able to travel the same year I bought the house. I really didn’t think it was within reach.

For more tips on how to save for traveling check out some of my other posts here, here, and here. Essentially, if traveling is a priority, you can make it happen.

I am writing a blog post about the law of attraction because I often think about something and it happens. It’s a bit of luck and hard work together. Apparently, the law of attraction is a ‘real thing’. Whether you believe in it or not, I can’t argue that wonderful things often fall right into my lap.