How to overcome fear and get rewarded

My yoga studio is hosting a challenge with a focus on Abundance, we are encouraged to be aware and grateful so today, I reflected on how full my life is! I have a loving family, an amazing and supportive partner, great friends, a house, a steady job, and a successful freelance gig. When I look back on how I got here, I can pinpoint a lot of my successes to a moment when I overcame fear.

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Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

When I first began blogging in the Summer of 2016, I wrote about fixing up my house and being a homeowner. My blog was called Hammer Home and I wanted an outlet to organize my photos and share what I was learning. My blog continued to grow but I found it hard to stick to just writing aboutΒ home-ownership.Β 


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Living with anxiety

3 words –> I have anxiety.

Seriously, though who doesn’t? The first time I had an anxiety attack, I was in grade 12, thinking about going to university and wondering how I was going to afford it. I stopped breathing, and legitimately thought I was dying. My chest burned and I couldn’t move. For about a week I had constant anxiety/panic attacks and could not figure out what was wrong with me.

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Thanks for reading

My blog began because I enjoyed answering questions about the house.

Throughout the entire home purchase process, I kept thinking “why does nobody talk about this” and “why weren’t we taught this in school” and “what the hell am I doing”?

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Time is precious

Somewhere along the line, humans decided Β that a day consisted of 24 hours.

I don’t know why I am the way I am but I don’t like feeling like I am wasting time. I try to squeeze as many things as I can throughout the day. I often feel like I am racing time and don’t want it to slip away. Every day is a reset and I want to make sure I did as much as I could to make sure I didn’t waste my day.

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