How to overcome fear and get rewarded

I can pinpoint a lot of my successes to a moment when I overcame fear.Β 


Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

When I first began blogging in the Summer of 2016, I wrote about fixing up my house and being a homeowner. My blog was called Hammer Home and I wanted an outlet to organize my photos and share what I was learning. My blog continued to grow but I found it hard to stick to … Continue reading Re-branding… AGAIN #AmbitiousAdulting

Living with anxiety

3 words --> I have anxiety. Seriously, though who doesn't? The first time I had an anxiety attack, I was in grade 12, thinking about going to university and wondering how I was going to afford it. I stopped breathing, and legitimately thought I was dying. My chest burned and I couldn't move. For about … Continue reading Living with anxiety

Thanks for reading

My blog began because I enjoyed answering questions about the house. Throughout the entire home purchase process, I kept thinking "why does nobody talk about this" and "why weren't we taught this in school" and "what the hell am I doing"? I wanted to help people learn from my mistakes. I wanted to make it … Continue reading Thanks for reading

Daily Inspirations

Every day, I am inspired by people who overcome obstacles. Listening to people's life stories motivates me and gives me so much pleasure. I have friends who've been through hell and back. Some of my friends overcame drug addictions, grew up in extreme poverty, lived through abuse and more! I admire each and every one … Continue reading Daily Inspirations