Home ownership and traveling

It's no secret that I LOVE to travel. I love meeting new people, seeing cool things, flying, seeing mountains and landscapes from above, and exploring. One of my biggest fears about buying the house was that I wouldn't have time or money to travel. I weighed the pros and cons, cried about the decision, and … Continue reading Home ownership and traveling


Start Saving NOW. #NoPressure

Today is my baby brother's birthday. He turns 17 and has been working part-time for a while now. I annoy him with unwanted advice about life, but I hope he soaks something in. Especially my talks about financial literacy, treating women with respect, and being responsible at parties. In honour of his birthday, I will … Continue reading Start Saving NOW. #NoPressure

So what if my house increases in value #HousingMarket #HamOnt

From day 1 people told me that my house purchase would be worth it in the end. I overpaid by $40k so they reassured me that the 'investment would be worth it'. I understand the theory but while living in the house, I don't see much of the appreciation. If I do sell the house … Continue reading So what if my house increases in value #HousingMarket #HamOnt

Words of Wisdom #hammerhome

Growing up, I used to think everyone else had it all. Some of my friends were stunning, athletic, intelligent, responsible, fun and had cool parents. It seemed like they were literally perfect humans, and I wanted to be like them. Over the years, I've come to accept that nobody is perfect. Every now and then, … Continue reading Words of Wisdom #hammerhome