5 benefits of having a business mentor

A business mentor is someone who can help you:

  1. Avoid mistakes
  2. Overcome obstacles
  3. Guide you in the right direction
  4. Connect you with other influencers/business owners/clients
  5. Continue to learn

I am blessed to have a business mentor!

She’s someone who I trust, she’s run a business for over 10 years, and she is always open to learning as well.

How did I find my mentor?

At first, my mentor was a client. In May 2016, I approached her to run her business’ social media accounts. Over time, our relationship grew and I found myself learning more about my craft, and expanding my skill set. She challenged me to continue learning, and I was determined to constantly improve.

What does my mentor teach me?

Instead of just running the social media accounts, I made her a website, ran the newsletter, organized files, and learned more about how to run a business. I learned how she handles the daily stresses of running a successful business, and I learned different strategies to manage priorities, events, and commitments. I saw first-hand some of the daily challenges she faces and realized I should be more empathetic towards small-business owners.

How can you find a mentor? 

There are a few ways to find a mentor. You could:

  1. Ask a previous/current boss
  2. Join a professional organization
  3. Attend networking events with a focus on mentorship
  4. Reach out via LinkedIn, e-mail or social media
  5. Offer value to someone you admire
  6. Ask around to see if anyone knows of someone who might be a good fit

Do you have a mentor or a mentorship story you want to share? Find me on social media to chat! Twitter @ambitiousadults and Facebook 


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