Ambitious Adult: @buddahabusah

Buddah Abusah is a rapper, songwriter and producer born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He delivers a style that represents all people who believe in peace, love and equality. And honestly, we need more of that in the world. I had a chance to catch up with Buddah and discuss the struggles in the music industry and steps he’s taking to get ahead.

18595605_1465302453489991_2445833996054997023_oWhat are you working on? Music

What made you take the leap into following your passion? Music is my release. It helps me get things off my chest and release stress at times. Through my music I can talk the way I want and say what I want to say without any penalty I feel. Realizing by 16, I felt I could really do something with this talent. So I made it my life goal.

Can you outline a basic timeline of how you got to where you are now? Just the hustle and grind. Met and made connections and networked to find the right people to make this work. Of course it’s hard but I want to work with one another. My city doesn’t give that support often so I’m still in the field struggling with that.

What is one of your biggest learning moments?

Honestly. I am learning everyday. I’m at a point that everything is a learning moment for me. Right now, the biggest thing for me is to be observant. There’s a lot of BS in this industry so I’m just focused on maintaining and surviving.

BUDDAH LOGOWhat are some of your favourite resources that you suggest to other ambitious adults? EVERYTHING. As much info you can take in the better. Social media, Podcasts and vlogs/blogs are your best bet to see what is trending and how to keep up to date in today’s world.

Any final thoughts/advice to others who are interested in pursuing their dream? Follow you heart. Spread your peace, share your love and spread the logic.

Where can people learn more about your business/project?

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