Places I’ve Been

Every time I see people traveling, I get so jealous. But then I have to check myself. I don’t want to be jealous. I want to be happy for them. It’s important for me to remember not to compare myself to others and to reflect on my abundant life.

Exploring the world is my greatest passion. When I look at a map, I realize how much of the world I still have to see. I am fortunate though, that over the last 10 years, I’ve explored so many corners of the world.

I’ve swam (and almost drowned) in multiple oceans, I’ve seen mountains, deserts, jungles, prairies, and experienced just about every climate there is.

Here’s a brief run-down of some of the places I’ve been.

I’ve traveled across Canada and Mexico so I am not going to list many individual cities. I’ve just listed places I spent more than 1 week visiting.



2007: I backpacked around Mexico for 2 months while I was still in high school

Went to university from 2009-2014

Jan-June 2012: Vancouver

August 2012: New York City  (one week after I started a new job)

April- August 2013: Round-the-world trip; Across eastern Canada, into Iceland, then to England, Belgium, France, Italy. After my 1 month Euro-trip, I flew to Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and then to a 2 week round-trip along the coast of California and (Mexico).

December 2013: Costa Rica (all expenses paid)

Jan-March 2015: 5 states in Mexico and then Belize (stayed with family and friends)

April 2015: Florida (Disney World) (Couchsurfed and stayed with friends)

December 2016: Costa Rica (all expenses paid) and Cuba

March 2017: Mexico (Cancun and Mexico City) (stayed with family and friends)

July 2017: Ottawa, Montreal, Canada

August-September 2017: Peru and Ecuador

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