Personal Finance for Absolute Beginners

It’s never too early to learn about personal finance. This means learning about budgets, investing, credit cards, interest, and saving. While it might seem complicated to understand complex terms and theories, the fundamentals of personal finance are simple.

Spend less than you earn.

Personal finance is something most of us learn throughout various stages of our lives. We rarely learn about it in school, and sometimes we learn we should have saved an emergency fund when it’s too late.

Learning about personal finance will give you the freedom to make more choices and live less stressed.

When I first started learning about personal finance, I had no idea what anything meant. To this day, I am still learning what bonds, equities, and securities mean.

I try to soak in information by reading:

MoneySense, Globe and Mail, Investopedia and others.

To learn more about personal finance, check out these resources:




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