How to overcome fear and get rewarded

My yoga studio is hosting a challenge with a focus on Abundance, we are encouraged to be aware and grateful so today, I reflected on how full my life is! I have a loving family, an amazing and supportive partner, great friends, a house, a steady job, and a successful freelance gig. When I look back on how I got here, I can pinpoint a lot of my successes to a moment when I overcame fear.

I was volunteering at the yoga studio and my life was in a flurry and transition. I needed to find a new direction and I approached the owner to do their social media management. I had never met the owner but I sent a pitch email and when I saw her in person, I brought it up. I remember being scared of approaching her. She seemed so busy, and I didn’t want to bother her or embarrass myself. I was also scared that she wouldn’t find value in what I was offering.

I put those fears aside and thought “well, she’s here so I might as well ask her to meet”

We met shortly after and we connected immediately. We talked about my skills and how I could help the business and somehow ended up in a deep talk about life, love, and loss. I poured my heart out to her and cried the night we met. On my way home I thought “wow, that was amazing, but I blew it! Who cries at an interview” I later sent her a text explaining that I am normally more professional. I was scared that I blew my chance of working with her.

Somehow she gave me a chance! We were two strangers, meant to find each other. Since May 2016, we’ve had one-on-one meetings 2 times a week. We work on marketing, administration, and business logistics, among other things.  If we go a week without seeing each other, things don’t feel right.


Taking the leap to get out of my comfort zone and approach a stranger has led to one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I was scared of rejection and had spent a few months full of self-doubt, resentment and sadness. I was ready to move forward and look for things that would give me joy. I was ready to take risks and open up to possibilities. I was ready to move on. I remember making the conscious decision to try new things and stay busy. I wanted to spend my time and energy being positive and productive.

Since working with this business, I’ve built up my brand, confidence, and credibility and now manage a handful of social media accounts. I also work with businesses and organizations to develop marketing and communication strategies and help them run more efficiently.

My workload continues to increase and I know that the moment I overcame my fear of approaching a stranger was the catalyst for so much abundance in my life.

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