Becoming a digital nomad

In 2016, I went on 3 out-of-the-country trips within 4 months.


Every single trip, people message me to ask if I am secretly rich. I wish the answer was yes.

Every single trip, I reiterate how much I work, and that I love to stay busy. Eventually, I want my replies to say that I am working remotely or won the lottery. That’s not the case yet. Currently, I work a full-time job and then manage social media accounts under Shoutouts Hamilton for a few local businesses. My freelance work is completely digital and I love the flexibility of creating content and maintaining a digital presence for companies.

When I travel, I take vacation days from work and then continue to work online for my freelance clients.

Ever since I read about digital nomads, I’ve dreamed of becoming one. These are people who work online from anywhere in the world. However, parts of me like stability and going into an office every day. As such, I am not sure I would be great at working on the road, alone, finding clients, trying to find internet all the time and managing time-zones. I am sure that there is a way to have the best of both worlds though. I am just not there yet.

As a freelancer, I could definitely afford to live abroad and use the money I make managing accounts to sustain me. However, being a home owner, I need the stability of a regular paycheck that pays the bills and ensures my mortgage payments don’t bounce. This dilemma is something that is on my mind almost every day.

Trying to find a balance between my travel addiction and wild left brain and my super logical and responsible right brain is a constant challenge. But for now, I am happy.



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