How I made an extra $2,000 a month!

I’ve always picked up odd jobs and had side hustles. Around the time I bought my house, I landed a freelance job doing social media/ communications for a local business. This quickly evolved. To- date, I have a handful of steady clients and I do social media, marketing, data management and analysis, content creation and one-off consultations.

Through freelancing and side gigs, I was able to add (roughly) an extra $2,000 into my monthly income. Most of this extra money goes straight into savings and travel.

Meanwhile, my regular salary pays my mortgage, bills, day-to-day expenses and my expensive habit of eating out every day.

I am amazed every day that I could pull this off. I grew up thinking I didn’t have skills or talents. I didn’t think I had a lot to offer as a freelancer and I was intimidated by my inexperience. I jumped right in and figusohamred I didn’t have a lot to lose. The start-up costs of being a freelance social media manager was low, and I had an amazing support system who encouraged me to give it a try. As such, Shoutouts Hamilton was born.

It definitely paid off!  I work with some amazing people who value How I made an extra $2000 a monthmy time, commitment, loyalty to their business, and my work. Sometimes, work doesn’t even feel like work because I get to do cool things. Freelancing has opened up so many doors for me and I am constantly striving to hone my skills and improve.

Obviously, it paid off financially too! I am excited to continue hitting milestones and look forward for what’s to come!

Work hard. Play hard


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