Celebrating My One Year Anniversary

On May 25th 2016, I walked into my lawyer’s office, signed a bunch of paper work, handed over a bank draft with all of my money and got the keys to my house.

It was a pretty surreal moment, though very anti-climatic. I did all of this on my lunch break so I had to get back to work and plug away.

The most powerful emotion I felt that day was relief.

I was relieved to have a place to call home.

I was relieved to finally be done house hunting.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to deal with house bidding (and losing) anymore.

And mostly, I was relieved to have a fresh start.Β 

For about 3 months after the house purchase, my momentum to fix it up was high! I worked on my house every day after work and spent my time at the hardware store or at the house. I had such a great time learning how to fix things but my steam quickly died down. By the time winter rolled abound, all of my projects I had started in the spring sat dormant.

Now, 1 year later, I’ve (along with my amazing team):

  • Painted the house top-to-bottom
  • Decorated my house
  • Finally put curtains up
  • Met my neighbors
  • Got my stairs re-finished
  • Tried and failed to plant a tree
  • Re-finished the door frames
  • Wired my basement


Still to-do:

  • Install a fence
  • Re-design the deck- in progress
  • Landscape
  • Replace the door frames
  • Get door-knobs on the doors
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Take the tape off from last year from some places
  • Seal the basement?
  • Clean and organize the basement
  • Fix some doors
  • Buy a washer and dryer
  • Buy more appliances

The list goes on and on…Β hammerhome-logo-03






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