Meet my travel inspiration!

Gosia and I met in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. From the moment I met her, I knew she had a lot to teach me. She shared stories of traveling, hitchhiking alone, adventuring with strangers, and visiting incredible places. Gosia is someone who is ALWAYS exploring and I am in constant awe of her attitude towards life and how she is living it fully!

I learned that Gosia is from a small town in Poland and after her first taste for travel, she was hooked! She was working in Hamilton when we met, and that didn’t stop her from hitchhiking across Canada and seeing more of the country than most Canadians! She really just goes for it! And I think it’s incredible.

Gosia recently moved back to Poland and in early 2016, we were both in Mexico at the same time. We had plans to meet up but a broken cell phone and a plane to catch made it difficult to see each other. I know our paths will cross again though! For now, I am honoured to share her story.

What city do you call home?

Tomaszow Boleslawiecki is a small village in south-west Poland. I was raised there and my parents still live there, so I always go back there after my trips. But it’s more my parents’ home, I’m still looking for my place in the world 😛



Gosia exploring some sand dunes!


What motivated you to start traveling? 

I don’t know exactly what made me to start travelling. I was very shy as a child and teenager. So a lot of people who knew me back then always ask me this question.

When I was younger, I met a girl when I was working by the sea side in Poland during the summer. She told me about Erasmus (European student exchange), Couchsurfing and Ryanair 😛 I knew that day that I wanted to try all of it. However, I didn’t have much money for travelling (I thought it was very expensive to travel, now I know that’s not true) and I was afraid to go alone.
When I was in my first year at university, I had some bad days. Nothing was going the way I wanted, something was missing. I talked with my parents and they told me that anything is possible. They said, if I really wanted something, I can do it! A day after that I told them about my plans to hitchhike to Berlin with 2 friends and Couchsurf. They could not say no! 😛 After that trip I started to travel more and more. People I met along the way had a big influence on me. Thanks to them and their stories, I’m now “crazy” enough to just pack my things and go on solo trip without really planing anything. A lot of people tell me that I’m crazy or not normal because I travel alone by hitchhiking 😛 I like the feeling of freedom 🙂

Where are some places you’ve lived/visited?

I’ve lived in Poland, Spain, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Canada mostly because of studies or jobs that I got in those countries.

I’ve visited over 30 countries including: 

Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Kosovo, Laos, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine


What is a memorable story you want to share? 

Currently, my friends are making fun of me because I’m getting marriage proposals while I’m travelling around México 😛 It started when I was on my way to Oaxaca. One woman gave me a ride, after few minutes of conversation she told me that I was going to marry her son. She didn’t speak English and my Spanish was still not the best so at the beginning I thought that I misunderstood. She was very serious about it, she even made me to talk with him by the phone and he really asked me :”will you marry me”. He never met me or saw me but his mum told him that I will be a perfect wife for him. The lady invited me to stay at her house for the night as it was getting late and she didn’t want me to hitchhike at night. I stayed with her and she introduced me as the future wife of her son to some people from her village. She taught me how to make tortillas from scratch. She also told me that I was going to fall in love with her son as soon as I met him. After that, there were few more guys offering marriage 😛 my friend from Guadalajara was joking that I already had a long list of guys who want to marry me and some day I can choose one from the list. I have great eyes and know how to make tortillas so apprently, I’m perfect material for a wife haha 😀

Follow Gosia on her adventures and stay inspired!





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