I’ve passed up 2 free trips… #WHY!?

Earlier this year, a friend won a free trip to Mexico and couldn’t find anyone to go with her. We were back and forth making plans and they fell through. In January, I was in the middle of a big project at my day-job and I couldn’t take time off. Passing up this opportunity ate away at me! I couldn’t believe I was passing up a FREE trip! WTF!

I ended up going to Mexico for 10 days in March so I couldn’t be too mad! And everyone I talked to said I shouldn’t worry or complain because it was a first-world problem… which I know!


Fast forward to now, May 2017. I just passed up a FREE trip to Costa Rica in December. My old high school takes a group of students to trips around South America and I’ve been to Costa Rica twice as their translator. However, I already have a trip booked to Peru and Ecuador in September and don’t have enough vacation days left to go to Costa Rica in December.

UGHHHHHHH seriously! What am I doing?

I like my job and love stability but when things like this happen, I question everything I am, and everything I believe.

What’s the point of working if you don’t enjoy life? I truly believe this!

On the other hand, I am too scared to take the plunge and ‘quit my job to travel’. I’ve traveled for months at a time, and it’s not all that! I was tired, often frustrated and always grateful to come back to my home base.

Honestly, balancing travel and being a responsible adult is the main thing in my life that I am constantly trying to figure out. When I start feeling overwhelmed about these decisions, I check myself. This ‘problem’ is so minor and privileged.

But still? Who passes up 2 free trips in a year?

As much as I try, I really can’t have it all!




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