Home ownership and traveling

It’s no secret that I LOVE to travel. I love meeting new people, seeing cool things, flying, seeing mountains and landscapes from above, and exploring. One of my biggest fears about buying the house was that I wouldn’t have time or money to travel. I weighed the pros and cons, cried about the decision, and talked to other travelers and friends for advice about this topic.


In May 2016 I bought my house and got to travel twice in December 2016. Both travel opportunities were kind of a fluke, but I took them!

When I traveled to Costa Rica in early December, all expenses were paid. I joined a high school group as their translator for about two weeks. Then, at the end of December, I flew to Cuba. I had a trip planned to San Francisco at the start of the year but that did not work out. As such, I had a travel voucher that I needed to use. My office closed over the Xmas holidays so it was the perfect chance to get away. When I travel, I budget and save money everywhere I can. I backpack, make my own food, carpool, couchsurf and avoid extra fees. I was so thrilled that I was able to travel the same year I bought the house. I really didn’t think it was within reach.

For more tips on how to save for traveling check out some of my other posts here, here, and here. Essentially, if traveling is a priority, you can make it happen.

I am writing a blog post about the law of attraction because I often think about something and it happens. It’s a bit of luck and hard work together. Apparently, the law of attraction is a ‘real thing’. Whether you believe in it or not, I can’t argue that wonderful things often fall right into my lap.




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