So what if my house increases in value #HousingMarket #HamOnt

From day 1 people told me that my house purchase would be worth it in the end. I overpaid by $40k so they reassured me that the ‘investment would be worth it’. I understand the theory but while living in the house, I don’t see much of the appreciation. If I do sell the house and make a profit, I will stillΒ need to buy into this wild housing market and move.

Recently, there was an article posted in the local paper that the Strip Club near my house might be closing down. There are plans to replace the club with a commercial building. While this is promising because the value of my house will increase, so will my property taxes.Β hammerhome-logo-bw

It’s an interesting dilemma and catch-22 but I understand that it’s better for the house value to increase, than decrease.

I’ve looked up ways to increase the value of houses and I think my next project is installing a kitchen back splash. But first, I need to finally finish the stairs.


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