2016 in Review


What a wild year!

2016 had lots of ups and downs. When I was down, I was really low! For a few months- my life felt like this:


But I also made so many happy memories.

As a positive person, I will write the highlights of the year

I bought a house! This entire blog is dedicated to my home ownership journey so it is naturally a highlight! My friends and family helped me a ton and I felt so lucky to have that support.


Painting my living room

I became uber independent! I’ve always been independent. I travel alone, funded my education, and now I bought my own house. I am learning to fix things around the house and credit Threshold School of Building for giving me some basic building blocks.


I traveled to Costa Rica on a paid trip! In early December, I traveled with a group to Costa Rica. I was brought along as a translator so all expenses were paid. This was amazing since buying my house ate right through my travel fund.


Costa Rica 2016

I traveled to Cuba! I was supposed to go on a trip to San Francisco in the spring but that trip fell through. I had a travel voucher and debated various locations to travel over the Xmas holidays, which I have off work. I was ready to travel to Boston and Washington because it was the cheapest flight but came to terms that I would rather pay a bit more to travel somewhere warm.

I signed some amazing clients with Shoutouts Hamilton. One reason I can afsohamford my lifestyle is because I have a sweet side hustle. On top of my full-time job, I run social media accounts and websites/digital platforms for businesses. I can use my creativity and the work is flexible. My full-time jobs pays the bills, Shoutouts pays for my fun.

Memes online say that 2016 was a cursed year. I think we can all agree that 2016 was strange. But, everything that happened is in the past now. Here’s to looking at the future.




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