FAQs about my travels

I make it a point to travel to at least 3 countries or destinations a year. This is a goal I’ve had since I first started traveling when I was 17. Naturally, people are curious and want to know how I do it!

These are the frequently asked questions I get about traveling.

  1. Are you secretly a millionaire? No. I just work a lot, save a lot, don’t own a car, don’t buy stuff, and don’t have student loans to pay off. I also prioritize traveling so I make it my mission to travel.
  2. Are you going by yourself? Most often, the answer is yes. I always ask people if they’re free but everyone around me is busy, can’t get time off, or doesn’t have money. So, I just go and make friends abroad. Life’s too short to be waiting around.
  3. Aren’t you scared of traveling alone? No. I am more scared of dying without living life to the fullest. If I die while traveling, I hope it’s fast and painless.
  4. Which resort are you staying at?Β I don’t stay at resorts. I like to couchsurf and stay with locals, I stay at hostels and try to travel to places where I have a friend.
  5. How do you get so much time off work?Β I get 3 weeks vacation so I am pretty lucky. Plus I take advantage of weekends. When I traveled for months at a time, I was between jobs and job hunting abroad.







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