Adulting tasks: Drywalling #firsthome

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been learning about drywalling at my home maintenance courses.

When I moved into my house, I knew I needed to fill and patch a bunch of holes. One room, in particular, was all scratched up, and a closet was missing a chunk of wall. I googled drywalling and my brother and I fixed everything with our limited knowledge.

After the drywalling courses, I realized there was so much more to know! For starters, there are different types of drywall compound. I bought the pre-made one that goes on pink and dries white. For our purposes, this was sufficient.

My instructor also taught us about:

  • reinforcing the corners
  • using a dimpler to screw in the drywall screws *it’s like a dimple gun, to make a little counter dent
  • scoring/cutting drywall (I didn’t know drywall just breaks right off)
  • factory edges on drywall (one edge of the drywall is tapered slightly)
  • patching all different kinds and sizes of holes
  • repairing torn paper

Drywalling was not complicated. But it was tedious. You must wait for products to dry and set and be meticulous so that there are no bumps in the wall. Overall, drywalling was quite calming and I am happy to know more about it.



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