Finally, financial literacy in schools #MoneyMoneyMoneyMoney

Every time I hear that schools are teaching something new and exciting, I think “why didn’t they teach that when I was in school?”

Either I wasn’t paying attention (unlikely) or I missed the financially literacy topics in school. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced that “Ontario is highlighting the various resources and supports provided to students across the province to improve their financial literacy.” This includes:

  • Embedding financial literacy into subjects across the curriculum from Grade 4 to 12. Students are given opportunities to learn about saving, spending and investing money, as well as how to be responsible consumers, how to protect their personal information online, and how to understand their role in an increasingly complex global economy

Seriously don’t you think this information would have been helpful from the get-go? Regardless, I am excited that the next generation will have this kind of information. I just hope they soak it in.


via MoE: financial literacy & student success and wellness (2 news releases) — TDSB Professional Library


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