Self Esteem and the Black Market

My dad has the most unconventionally teaching methods. One of the most memorable life lessons came when he explained the cost of body parts on the black market. It was kind of morbid, but it was an important lesson about self-esteem and in turn, handling my finances.

I don’t remember the exact conversation but I wanted to change something about my body when I was younger. He stopped that conversation and said that people would kill for a healthy body. Literally.

He explained how much people pay for hair, blood, organs etc. In 5 minutes, he taught me that bodies are worth over a million dollars and told me to be happy with what I have. That sealed the deal. Since then, I understood self-worth and worked on my self-esteem. It was a weird way of explaining these concepts but it worked! If you’re morbid like me, take a look at this infograph.



3 thoughts on “Self Esteem and the Black Market

  1. Your dad is amazing for teaching you this less. Some times people wish that they had different body parts or shapes but do not realize that others wish that they had what they have. We have to accept who we are and love ourselves.


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