This weekend, I tackled something I’ve been putting off- yardwork.  Finishing the inside of my house was always a priority so my backyard is still a mess. It was such a beautiful weekend and I had the energy so I decided to trim the branches, rake, and clean up the back.

Last weekend, my dad trimmed my front tree so that the mulberries don’t take over next year. He left all of the branches in my backyard and I wish they would just decompose in a week. Alas, that is not the case so I got to work!

I grew up in a home with very little yard work. We had a tiny lawn and a large deck. I also have three brothers so they mostly took turns raking and shoveling. Now, it was time for me to manage my own yard work. This solo project was a mission and I am so sore! I felt pretty bad-ass though, and a bit like a mini lumberjack (lumber-lady?) I cut branches with some huge scissor thing and also used a saw. Then I used some yarn to make little bundles so that the city workers take my yard waste. I realize millions of people do their yard work every day but this was so new to me. I really LOVE nature and being outdoors so it was nice to be outside, but after how sore I feel, I do not want to do this every weekend!

Sadly, my beautiful cedar tree I proudly planted at the start of summer took a turn for the worse so I had to cut it down. I have very little privacy in the backyard and I put trees up but that did not work. Landscaping and designing my backyard is a whole other beast I need to manage. Next year.


Cheers friends! Thanks for reading.



Yard Work on my #newhome

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