Adulting task: Learning from my mistakes #hammerhome

Without a doubt, I have made a bunch of mistakes on the house. To-date, my biggest issues have been with painting.

I am writing my mistakes out, so you don’t make them!

  • I painted things out of order. Apparently, you’re supposed to paint the ceiling, then the trims and then walls. I did everything out of order.
  • I painted on really hot summer days. Apparently, it’s common sense to avoid painting on humid and hot days. TRUST ME, wait until it’s cool. My paint bubbled in some areas 😦
  • I didn’t ensure the ladder was stable. Luckily, my best friend caught me as I was falling off the ladder. We looked each other in the eyes as my life flashed before me and knew that 10 years of friendship was for moments such as these.
  • I ruined decent clothes because I didn’t change into my grubby clothes. I would come home from work and want to get to work right away. Not the smartest move- I know!
  • I ruined a bunch of paintbrushes because I sucked at washing them. Mainly, I was tired of running water over the paintbrush. I am seriously the most impatient adult in the world.
  • I didn’t wash the walls all the time. Don’t be lazy like me- just wash the walls. It will make the paint roll on better (apparently)
  • I got a bunch of paint on the ceiling, and my edges are terrible!
  • I spilled A BUNCH of paint. Luckily, the paint washed off my floors easily. If I had carpet, I would be so screwed!

I am so happy that paintingΒ is pretty much done! Who else struggled with painting?


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