Adulting task: Patching #hammerhome

One of my spare bedrooms was particularly creepy! No word of a lie, bad stuff happened in there. I can’t prove it but I watch enough Criminal Minds (enough said). There were scratches all over the walls and the door frame was falling off. The strangest part was the locks on the OUTSIDE of the door. Some of my friends think it was just a dog that was locked up in there. Other friends have more twisted theories.

At one of my house warming parties, I got the room cleansed with some Palo Santo and I also burned some sage to clear the air of negative energy. I also asked people to send good intentions into the room. Did it make a difference? I don’t know- but it was worth a shot! There is no harm in sending good intentions- ever.

Regardless, this room required a LOT of TLC. Before painting, I washed the walls multiple times. Each bucket of water I used in the room turned murky with filth. Then, I needed to patch. I discovered I actually like patching. It was exciting to see the damage get covered up with this product. Patching was followed by sanding. Using a power sander was exciting and empowering. However, dealing with the dust aftermath is such a pain.

All in all, my smallest room in the house required:

  • 2 months of preparation
  • 1 yoga teacher to cleanse the room
  • 1 reiki healer to cleanse the room
  • 3 friends who painted the walls
  • 1 brother and his friend who painted the ceiling
  • 1 friend who cleaned the paint off the floors
  • 1 brother who sanded my patch jobs
  • 1 dad who replaced the door frame
  • another dad to put in a light fixture
  • and me

Thanks to everyone involved. This room is now being put to good use 🙂


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