Being screwed over screws

Did you know? The colour, shape, and size of each screw matters?

In retrospect, this makes sense. In reality, I’ve been using screws interchangeably. At my first General Home Maintenance class, the instructor gave us a lesson about screws. There is so much to know!

First, there are different screws for different material- duh!

There are screws for:

  • Wood
  • Sheet metal
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • and other things
Screws also have different heads.
There are:
  • Slotted, square (Robertson?), and Phillips heads
  • Round heads
  • Flat heads
  • Security heads
  • and more

The most interesting thing I learned about screws was the significance of the colours

  • Brown/green= outdoor screws
  • Gold=indoor screws
  • Blue=concrete screws
  • Black=drywall screws

There is so much to know and I am very happy that I am taking this course.


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