Adulting task: Building Ikea Furniture

Shopping and decorating are my weaknesses. I am not artistic and I have a hard time visualizing spaces and designs. Choosing the furniture and colours for my house made me toss and turn and question my style. In the end, I am happy with all of my furniture choices and the way the house is turning out.

My absolutely favourite room is my bedroom. Growing up, my bedroom was literally a walk-in closet; just big enough for a single bed and a small box for clothes. It was cozy, to say the least. Now, my bedroom fits two queen beds (if I wanted).

Putting things together is my other weakness. I dreaded putting my furnitureΒ together. I also hesitated on the curtain rods, door knobs, and all the other little details. I don’t know what it is but any small, specific details are really hard to wrap my head around. I am a big picture thinker and just want to get things done!

My wardrobe took 3 hours to build and the only way I managed to get it done is because 3 other people worked on it. My friend and her fiance stayed over one night and woke up to help my dad and I build my furniture. It was just my luck that my friend’s fiance is from Norway. This was a sign to me since Ikea is Swedish and it put me at ease. His patience for building this piece was amazing. I have the patience of a 2-year-old so I was in and out and barely helped.

Moral of the story, having a supportive dad and friends are the only way I can get things built.


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