Adulting Tasks: Becoming handy


Next week, I will be back at school again. But wait! This time around, I am enrolling in General Home Maintenance courses with Threshold School of Building. I seriously cannot wait.

THRESHOLD School of Building is a registered charity that was incorporated in 2001. They are dedicated to practical and sustainable community development in the Hamilton area. They teach basic building skills and organize active participation in affordable housing and community projects.

Here is what I will be learning:

Week 1: Tools & Safety
Week 2: Basic Carpentry
Week 3: Trim Carpentry
Week 4: Basics of Electricity
Week 5: Electrical Repair and Troubleshooting
Week 6: Drywall Installation
Week 7: Drywall Finishing and Repair
Week 8: Plumbing Basics
Week 9: Plumbing Repair

EEEk!! I haven’t been THIS excited about anything in so long!

Updates to follow.




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