Adulting Tasks: Learning financial literacy

Last night, I attended a financial literacy session by The New School of Finance , hosted by Inland Island Community Wellness Centre .

Liz and Shannon from the New School of Finance were total lady bosses! They are witty, down-to-earth, and super knowledgeable. The session reassured me that I have a pretty good understanding of my finances. The presenters talked about:

  1. Living within your means
  2. Making goals and priorities
  3. Paying down debts
  4. Saving

Essentially, I just need to understand financial terms and effective ways to invest. Learning from the New School of FinanceTM  seems like it could be a good fit. They are a fee-only financial planning and financial coaching firm. They also work independently and get no kick back from any financial institution. Another great thing about this firm is that it’s run by women. That means no mansplaining! All of my other financial institutions, the advisors I work with lack diversity. While my advisors are all nice and knowledgeable, I don’t think they fully understand me.

More to come on financial planning.



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