It’s ok to be a workaholic. Right?

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to stay busy. Time is precious and I don’t want to waste it.

Lately, I have been filling my time with work, fixing my house and odd jobs. Doors continue to open for me and I have about 6 projects on the go with multiple organizations. This comes in handy- especially with the expenses of a new house. More than once, I’ve been called a workaholic. I don’t mind. Except this article from Psychology Today says that workaholics experience impatience and compulsion, poor relationships,  and have many irrational thoughts. Those are pretty negative associations that I am going to distance myself from. (Except, I will own up to being extremely impatient)

Instead, I will just say I have good time management skills. make time

Time management has always come easy to me. In university, I went to school full-time, worked full-time, had a serious boyfriend, and always slept at least 8 hrs a night during the week. The sacrifice? My social life. I had a tight group of friends and hung out with them between classes but I was never one to go to lots of events during the school year. It just wasn’t a priority. 

Priorities are how to manage time efficiently. Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day, but we all have different priorities.

I’ve always admired fit people. We have the same hours in a day, yet they have abs and I don’t. It would be cool to have abs, but it’s really not my priority. Most of them work and have lives and still make time to go to the gym to pump some iron. Good for them. I feel the same way about girls who look every day. Most days, I look decent. But I would rather spend a few extra minutes in bed than get up to do my hair and make-up. That’s just not my priority. I’ve always said “if you have time to watch TV, you have time to do _______”.  For this reason, I don’t have TV. It sucks so much time out of my life and I’d rather be out exploring.

time management







One thought on “It’s ok to be a workaholic. Right?

  1. Yes — love this! I can totally relate. Exercise is the first thing that falls off my priority list, and Social Life is a very close second. But honestly, I’m not bothered by it! I have so many other things that I would rather be focused on. I love keeping busy, too.


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