Adulting task: Changing the air filter

Lately, my Air Conditioning unit hasn’t been working. After some sweaty sleeps and uncomfortably hot days, I did some investigating and research to find the problem.

With some patient guidance, I discovered that my furnace filter was disgusting and full of dust. I marched my way down to the hardware store, where I am quickly becoming a regular, and picked up a new filter. Changing it didn’t affect the AC immediately so we did more trouble shooting.

Eventually, my dad and engineer godfather came over to determine what the problem was. Turns out, when I changed the battery on the thermostat a few weeks ago, I made a wire come loose. It was a quick and painless fix! But it made me learn about changing the filter- something I never really considered.

I learn something new every day and now I can enjoy learning in my refreshingly cool house.



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